Welcome to my site!

It’s new and I have no idea what I’m doing. So, yes, welcome to my journey and don’t expect any sort of leadership from me.

Since creating content is the goal of this entire endeavor, I’m going to track progress and whatever else I find interesting. Which means this webpage will be…umm…eclectic.


I am roughly three chapters from completing the first draft of book 3 for the Runecaster series. Bad news: Book 1-3 are going to be edited as one novel. Good news: I’m just weeks from starting that project.

So Runecaster, which will probably be renamed, is slated to be my first self-published novel. I was going to go the traditional route but I’ve been reading great things about Indie publishing and I’m willing to try it out.

Meanwhile: I’m itching to start on a new series called A Man Named Dragon. I have a cast of characters fleshed out and a kinda plot. So working on that is next in line.

Hint: Outcast warlock with a leprechaun familiar and a gargoyle battle scheming, possibly insane Djinn in Wyoming to protect a boy. As you can see…I have some holes to fill.