Update No.1

So, it may be obvious I’m not the best at keeping my website updated. I could be the worse, and that’s something… right? Well, as an exercise in discipline, I will update this site regularly.  How regularly? Ah, well… that’s the catch. I don’t know… but more often than I have been.

Update 1: Still editing Bound Magic, which is shaping up to be almost a completely different story, but a better different story. I rummaged around in the archives of my mind and found some old world building history which I incorporated into the present plot. Hopefully, it will add some excitement and intrigue. We shall see.

Runecaster, er… or whatever I name it, is nearing the end of the final edits. A lot has changed, hence the need for a new name. However, the goal is to have it on Amazon this summer!

I have some other projects in some phase of production. Since I’m writing full time, I find it a challenge to actual write. Something else always needs doing and since time is in abundance, I find my discipline lacking.

I know I’m not alone in procrastinating and I even have some helpers…who are yours?